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Food Delivery in Doha, Qatar - PAPA JOHN'S PIZZA

Food delivery services in Doha, Qatar via is efficient. Big BUT is, you have to exercise optimum patience.
Delivery time is mostly one hour, but there are a very few restaurants who practice speedy services.
PAPA JOHN'S PIZZA is not one of those establishments who can serve the orders in less than an hour.  However, they serve one of the best-tasting pizzas, hence they are worth the wait.

Fast Fact on PAPA JOHN's via the wikipedia:
Papa John's Pizza is an American restaurant company. It runs the third largest take-out and pizza delivery restaurant chain in the United States, with headquarters in Jeffersontown, Kentucky, a suburb of Louisville.Wikipedia CEOJohn Schnatter FounderJohn Schnatter Founded: October 2, 1984, Jeffersonville, Indiana, United States

Here is a bird's eye view of our orders from PAPA JOHN's PIZZA (L-R-C):
L- PAPA'S SEAFOOD PENNE PASTA with GARLIC STICK BREAD R - ALL THE MEATS PIZZA in small size with the following details: Normal Chee…

Food Review: KIT KAT Flavors in the Middle East

When you are from the middle east or have travelled in either of the countries in the middle east, you will have noticed that your favorite KIT KAT chocolate-covered wafer snack comes in whole new different flavors!

Presenting the flavors of the middle east KIT KAT:
These new flavors are familiar and definitely not exotic, but they are still worth tasting.
The Milk Chocolate is the original and is found anywhere!

Fast Fact on Kit Kat via the wikipedia:
Kit Kat is a chocolate-covered wafer bar confection created by Rowntree's of York, United Kingdom, and is now produced globally by NestlĂ©, which acquired Rowntree in 1988,[1] with the exception of the United States where it is made under license by H.B. Reese Candy Company, a division of The Hershey Company. The standard bars consist of two or four fingers composed of three layers of wafer, separated and covered by an outer layer of chocolate. Each finger can be snapped from the bar separately…

Something Japanese in Cebu City, Philippines - TOKYO TOKYO

TOKYO is the capital of Japan. That's a widely known fact. But when you utter the word Tokyo twice, it becomes a Japanese fast food restaurant chain  that originated in the Philippines: TOKYO TOKYO!

Fast Fact on TOKYO TOKYO via the wikipedia:
Tokyo Tokyo is a Japanese fast food restaurant chain in the Philippines.Wikipedia HeadquartersQuezon City, Philippines Founded: 1985 Type of businessCorporation

This branch in SM Seaside City in Cebu is the only branch of TOKYO TOKYO in the city.  Upon its opening, the people were very ecstatic that finally the famous Japanese fast food chain in Manila has finally made its way to the Queen City of the South, Cebu.

Here is a list of the foods that we ordered for our lunch one time at this eatery, see the photos too:
Expectation vs. Reality: The photo of the ramen in the menu was way too photogenic than how it actually looked when served right in front of our eyes. Taste:  Lacked that wow factor. Hence, no wonderful memories regi…

Buffet Lunch at CABALEN in Cebu City, Philippines

If you want an "Eat All U Can, and Eat All U Want" meal with a touch of the Pampangeno cuisine, visit a CABALEN branch nearest to you!

Fast Fact on CABALEN via the wikipedia:
Cabalen is a Philippine buffet restaurant chain primarily serving traditional Filipino entrees heavy on influences from the Pampanga region of Central Luzon. Wikipedia FounderMaritel Nievera HeadquartersQuezon City, Philippines Date founded: 1986 FoundedPhilippines Number of locations: 18 (17 local, 1 overseas) Type of business: Private

What / Where I Ate in Cebu City, Philippines: LANTAW NATIVE RESTAURANT

The concept of alfresco dining by the shore in the city is relatively experimental and uncommon.  However, it did click to the public and LANTAW NATIVE RESTAURANT have even branched out to sea waters in the neighboring island of Cebu, Mactan island and have further reached the mountains of Busay, Cebu City.

This particular branch of LANTAW NATIVE RESTAURANT is situated by the bay at the South Road Properties in Cebu City.  The concept, architecture and the details of the interior design of the restaurant screams natively Filipino!

It is expected that all dishes are of Filipino cuisine, so let's jump now to the dishes that we ordered for this warm yet hearty alfresco luncheon we had in this restaurant.

We went for the soft side of the menu, meaning we ordered only for an appetizer and two kinds of vegetable dishes.  My parents love vegetables so much that one kind of veggie recipe is always not enough.  
Our appetizer was the BAKED SCALLOPS.  Taste-wise, the scallops were somehow tasty…

Something Japanese in Cebu City, Philippines - RAMEN SORA

When my mom is dining with us outside our home, seldom do we have the chance to convince her to a Japanese restaurant.  But since she have been interested with Ramen some few months ago, when I suggested for RAMEN SORA, the supposed "no" became a Yes!

It is always true, that one should not judge a book by its cover.  The menu of RAMEN SORA was somewhat shabby, but when I opened the first few pages, I was astounded by the informative content. 

The spread above discussed on "How to Enjoy a Ramen" and below was a vivid illustration of the parts / ingredients of a Ramen.  How cool and enlightening!

And this is how our actual RAMEN appeared right before our eyes, see photo below.  
MISO DELUXE SORA RAMEN was recommended by the wait staff to whom I inquired as to which was their bestseller ramen.
It costs Php 435.00, it was good for sharing up to 3-4 persons.  
Comment on Taste:  A bit salty than my level of salt tolerance
Food Rating:  3 of 5
Price vs. Serving Size:  3.8 of 5
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