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A Taste of Tunisia in Doha, Qatar - SIDI BOU SAID RESTAURANT

Having stayed in the Middle East for a decade, my forever food buddy has developed a special penchant for Arabic cuisine.  And since being together for 10 months now here in Doha, my taste has been immensely influenced as well.  Yes, I admit, I am fond now and highly interested in the varied delighting flavors of the Arab countries.  For this post, let me entice you with ATASTE OF TUNISIA.
Technically, Tunisia is not a part of the Middle East.  It belongs to a territory, collectively called the "North Africa", including other Arab countries of Morocco, Algeria and Libya. We have frequent the area in which this gem is located. Being closely opposite to Amjad Thai Snack Restaurant in Al Nasr, and sandwiched between two other restaurants as well; it was only on our fourth visit to the Thai restaurant that we set eyes on and conquered this Tunisian restaurant: SIDI BOU SAID.
And guess what, the name of the restaurant is actually a name of a town in Tunisia.  See information below f…

Food Bloggers Event at the LORD OF THE WINGS, the Fellowship of the Queens

When I heard of the LORD OF THE WINGS as a name of a restaurant here in Doha, Qatar, I am directly reminded of two familiar things: (1) the famous novel-turned-movie-blockbuster - The Lord of the Rings, and (2) Chicken Wings!  The name of the restaurant employs a clever and witty play of words.  It is both directly attractive and engaging.  Its name and the restaurant's logo arouse a customer's curiosity: what kind of surprise is hidden behind those wings?!
Here in the Middle East, the LORD OF THE WINGS, which offers American cuisine, is known for being the first restaurant that offers a specialized concept in chicken wings and build-your-own burgers.  Originating in Lebanon, it has then branched out to seven other countries, now including Qatar in the list.
Yes, my #2 hunch was right. We were up for the famous and mouthwatering Chicken Wings in town!

Having been blogging about food and food establishments for seven years and writing food reviews (via Zomato) for the last two yea…

The BEST Sukiyaki Fried Noodles in Doha ONLY at THAI SNACK RESTAURANT

I have made my very first food and restaurant video in my You Tube channel. Please watch the video in You Tube, hit the LIKE button, leave some COMMENTs and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!
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Social Media Gathering for the Launching of the Pinoy Grand Dinner Buffet at KISH MISH

Fusion restaurants are common here in Doha, Qatar probably due to the fairly large number of expatriates than the locals.  The increasing figures of multicultural residents is good for any F&B businesses to establish a restaurant that can cater to not just one nationality but to at least two or more.

KISH MISH is one of the many casual dining restaurants in the city, strategically located along Ibn Seena Street in Al Muntazah with a fusion cuisine concept.  It offers a delish miscellany of Indian and Filipino cuisines.

Last Wednesday, November 22, 2017, I was invited to be a part of a social media gathering at KISH MISH thru Melanie of Let's Get Laud.  The said event was for the launching of the Pinoy Grand Dinner Buffet together with social media people ranging from bloggers, vloggers and Instagram-mers.  

Below was the Menu for the dinner buffet.  The menu offered a complete course sequence: starters / appetizers, soup, salad, main course, and the desserts.  

The photos below we…
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