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Unboxing Take-Away Goodies from DOMINO'S PIZZA in Doha, Qatar

The branch of DOMINO'S PIZZA in Al Muntazah is basically for take-away and home delivery services.  Though seats for waiting customers are limited but the open kitchen style is always an entertaining and commending sight, hence waiting time seems to just pass swiftly.
Here's what we painstakingly waited for our take-out order:
PIZZA: Tex-Mex Pan Pizza in medium size
Food Taste Comment:  Typical taste of a pan pizza, less toppings in reality than in the picture Food Taste Rating: 4 of 5 Food Serving Size vs. Price Rating: 3.5 of 5
SIDE ORDER: BBQ Chicken Wings
Food Taste Comment:  The chicken alone tasted more scrumptious without the BBQ sauce Food Taste Rating: 4.5 of 5 Food Serving Size vs. Price Rating: 3.5 of 5

SIDE ORDER: Premium Chicken
Food Taste Comment:  Richly flavored! Food Taste Rating: 4 of 5 Food Serving Size vs. Price Rating: 3 of 5
DESSERT: Chocolate Lava Souffle
Food Taste Comment:  Love everything from the crust to the filling!!! I can't get enough of these! Food Taste Rating: 10 of 5 Fo…

Super Cool Experience at the COOL HOUSE PUB & RESTAURANT in Bangkok, Thailand

Memories that have etched significant impact in our lives are forever worth reminiscing and sharing.  It took me this long to unravel a four-year-old momentous happening from one of my travels in Bangkok, Thailand which deserves to be out in the open, now.  I am thrilled to narrate and publicize in details this bygone yet seemingly fresh memory which I feel vivacious just by the thought of reliving it.

I was quite apprehensive yet too excited to arrive at the location.  I was only given with the address of the restaurant. I have only learned two Thai phrases, and with no wifi connection on my gadget nor cell phone number of my contact to make use of in case we ( I have a companion, by the way) get lost.  Successfully, with an unintentional slight detour by the Thai taxi driver, we made it on time before the event started.  
So what was the event? And how was I invited?
You see, since the time I was introduced to Thai lakorns (TV series), I have overwhelming desires to meet my favorite Th…

Impromptu Dinner Date at THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY in the Mall of Qatar

The complete title of this post should have been:  Impromptu - insert - (Post-Valentine's Day) - Dinner Date at The Cheesecake Factory.  

Yes, this is another untimely, outdated post.  It was an impromptu date since I was too surprised to have discovered that there is a branch of the restaurant here in Doha. I also wanted my forever food buddy to experience dining here (for the first time) and also for me to compare and confirm the taste of their cheesecakes against the ones I tasted in Los Angeles, California. 

But please, let's just forget that these photos were taken last days after Valentine's Day of this year and let's move on now to my review. 

Though we have separate orders, except for the salad, but every order was being shared.  That's what every food blogger must do, taste everything on the table (there might be exceptions though and this can be done best with family only and maybe closest friends).  As I said, this dinner date was last February 2017, the cat…

My First Tea Party Ever: TEA LEAVES & THYME in Woodstock, Georgia, U.S.A.

One mileage of traveling abroad is being able to experience a lot of "FIRSTS".
Coincidentally, the day after I arrived in Woodstock, Georgia, I had to attend a birthday party of two special ladies, whom I just personally met upon my arrival.  It was not an ordinary party since it was a Tea Party!  
It was indeed one of my "firsts" in my list: attended a  tea party in America!  

On our way to the tea house, my head was crowded with thoughts on what will transpire in a tea party.  And was my outfit appropriate for the all-female event? Hmmm...

Welcome to TEA LEAVES and THYME!  Country and rustic on the outside, yet full of lovely surprises inside!

The tea house is basically by reservation only.  The guests for the day are shortlisted on the welcome board that greets everyone upon entry.  As you can see below, there were four birthday celebrants on that day, and from our group, there were two of them.

We selected the most well-lighted section of the tea house since the expe…
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