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Welcome to I DRESS-UP AND EAT blog! 

You can call me SIGH. I am from the Philippines and currently exploring the middle east life.  I am a research pharmacist by profession, a fashion stylist by avocation and a FOODIE by self-proclamation. And for the love of eating good food, I am unveiling my new blog which focuses about food, my adventures in the kitchen and some #OOTD's and travels (with food) in between.  

This blog was originally named as Food CyEcle on November 2, 2015. But was changed on December 30, 2015 to be closely associated still with my personal style blog. And because of my undying love for both fashion and food, that is why I Dress-Up and Eat.  A new blog name was then unfolded.

Enjoy my gastronomic adventures as I take you to the restaurants and all sorts of eateries that I have stepped foot on and to the melange of foods that I have tasted from these food establishments in the Philippines and the foreign countries that I have visited and will be exploring in the future.

... because a chic outfit always deserves a sumptuous meal!

Hang on, let's get that hungry stomach, full!

And did I forgot to mention that I can cook too?  I am sharing my recipes in this blog, so do keep coming back for my original and also "inspired-by" recipes.

You can also check me out at different social media platforms:

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View my food journey on Zomato!

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